I have been using Monicor now for several months, with astonishing results, and I can only say: THANK YOU, BORIS! Wow!!!

What an amazing aid it is!  

I’ve had health problems for 28 years after a horse back riding accident.

Throughout these years, the symptoms have been many and serious, and gradually also secondary symptoms and unpleasant issues appeared caused by the original problems and medications. The more help I recieved at the hospitals, the sicker I got! I just got worse and worse and eventually, I suffered from a burnout and became completely apathetic.

I couldn’t bear all the pain any longer…or the pointless life without any hope of improvement.

I’d like to add that before I collapsed, I had spent years actively trying to improve my health and had sought many ways to find solutions…When I finally got in touch with Boris and his treatment methods, I was a wreck! Boris took time to show, explain and patiently guide me through to health, step by step. He had tools that gave immediate results. And he helped me understand that, no matter what the problem is, I could help myself, and don’t have to depend on others for help….I now have the knowledge and my wonderful tools, I take command of my situation and feel completely assured that I’ll make it!


With the help of these tools, I’m now able to treat myself when I want to and as much as I need to….Also previously, I have recieved positive results from Boris’ treatment methods, but since I bought Monicor everything has accelerated! I’m able to treat myself on a much deeper level for issues or imbalances I even didn’t know I had, viruses are gone in a snap (where conventional medicine often is without a clue) and I have been able to detox my body from many unnecessary strains. My sleep problems are gradually disappearing and my IBS is improving day by day, I have much less pain, feel psychologically well and haven’t been sick, not even a runny nose, sind Monicor came into my life!


I have also been able to quite all medications. I feel stronger than I’ve felt in a very long time and feel so secure in the knowledge that I’m able to be one step ahead and able to strenghten myself and my immune system BEFORE problems manifest, instead of guessing and trying to put out ”fires” which consumes so much energy.

During the last 30 years, I wanted to learn more about acupuncture, but it felt overwhelming and living remotely, difficult to make a living at. Now I don’t need to study for years – Monicor already knows it all! No risk of faulty diagnostics or variating results due to the human factor! A few easy keystrokes and I recieve optimal treatment whenever I need it!

I still work with SmartBreathe, Triomed, supplements and Aquatone along with Monicor – and it is without doubt the best way of maintaining real and lasting health!

THANK you Boris for showing me the way to a long and healthy life!

I would never had done it without you! ”

Helena Tibblin

Effects of Monicor treatments on my clients:

1/ I treated a male client for his painful prostate problems. First, with the general strengthening program, thereafter I used the symptom correction for prostatitis and also charged magnet strips with those frequencies – he experienced great relief and his pain disappeared.

2/ I treated another client for lumbago with the symptom program and the problem disappeared, slightly returned after 24 hours, treated it again and thereafter the lumbago was completely gone.

3/ Another client suffered from cough and fevers back and forth for a month….in the stress program (elimination of bacteria/viruses/parasites), I found various canine parasites causing cough. I also found other parasites and patogens causing swine flu, all which I could eliminate. The following night, she experienced heavy perspiration and then things changed, and after a couple of days she was completely restored.

4/ I helped a woman with urinary infection. In the symptom program, I used ”catahhr” and after a couple of sessions, her urinary problems disappeared.

5/ A female client with arthritis in her hip joints experienced relief after repeated treatments with Monicor. She was treated several consecutive days.

6/ In general, most clients feel more alert after a session. If they also have had parasites removed by Monicor, their energy levels are increased.

7/ A boy of 11 had little motivation to go to school. Every day he expressed aversion to going to school, he didn’t like it there and thought it was pointless and dull. The mother had to bribe and urge him to go. It was a major problem. The boy also had some ADHD issues. He received a 30-minute general treatment. I met him and his mother 2 months later, and they told me that, after the Monicor treatment, he had been happy and positive regardig school. He also said he felt more balanced. ”

Regards from Christina Divén

Christina Divén

First, I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to have something like Monicor that gives me great comfort when treating myself. After only a few treatments, I’ve noticed a greater joy and zest in life.

Monicor has been very helpful in eliminating certain viruses and bacteria during colds.

I’ve also benefitted alot from checking which supplements suits me, in particular re. magnesium as it has shown to differ greatly from brand to brand.

One client of mine reduced her vertigo after one symptom treatment. She also feels more alert and is happier.

The same client had a painful arm, which Monicor showed was imbalances in the heart meridian, and after one treatment, the pain disappeared.

In general, many clients are very satisfied with the Monicor treatments as they recognize the results Monicor provides as true, and because the treatments increase their understanding about their own bodies and health status.

Another client which had previously suffered from pregnancy thyroid issues became acutely ill and thought the problem had returned. She went to the health care center for testing and immediatley thereafter visited me. Monicor indicated no thyroid problem, but flu. Two days later, the respons from the health care center confirmed that she had no thyroid issues.”

Birgitta Persson

I’ve only used Monicor Home for one week, and already I’ve noticed numerous positive effects. I’m finally able to sleep through the night and feel rested and alert upon waking up, thanks to Monicors’ insomnia program. My immune system has also clearly been boosted – as family members are getting sick and I keep staying healthy. It’s so amazing to be able to feel more alert, more calm and stronger after a home treatement with Monicor!”  

Elisabeth Bernhoff Hillberg

After one week of Monicor treatments, I’m much more alert and feel stronger and the best thing is that my sleep has improved immensely and that I have more energy.”  

Ingrid, 100 years old, March 2018.

Hi! Here are two examples of results from Monicor-treatments on clients.

One male client was snoring every night. His snoring ended after only two balancing corrections with Monicor – which really surprised both him and his wife.

One young female client with IBS is still undergoing treatment but has experienced improvements after each treatment. She is treated with Aquatone and Monicor once a week. And after each session, she is problem free for 3-4 days. She’s really pleased with having got rid of her bloated and troubling stomach.” 

Magnus and Eva

Last Friday night, my little son Allan got sick with a temperature, cough and a running nose…After some Monicor treatment, ionized water, programmed magnet strips and Triomed treatment he’s on his feet again…being 7 years old, he has reached the age when children can be treated with Monicor/Triomed.”

Joakim Eriksson