Scientific reports

A. Kornyukhin, V. Kaptsov, A. Dobroserdov, I. Seit-Umerov
Efective methods of protection from technogenic electromagnetic radiation and information-wave diagnostic methods
A. Kornyukhin
Spectrum analysis of meridional system assessing results
A. Kornyukhin
Human dependence syndrome – the grounds basing on the ROFES galvano-puncture diagnostics of the human meridian system
A. Kornyukhin
“ROFES- diagnostics”. Determination of a person’s psycho-physiological conditions via hardware acupuncture diagnostics
G.V.Thalalaeva, T.V.Rogatscheva, G.P.Nasonova
Valeology problems in rehabilitation of the people who suffered from psycho- ecological stress pressure
M.V.Ivanova, A.I.Kornyukhin
School studying load optimisation on the basis of psycho-physiological conditions defined by hardware for schoolchildren
Screening diagnostics and its application in a complex rehabilitation of children
Assessment of personal and group characteristics of a functional condition of sport teams by psycho-physiological hardware diagnostics
“ROFES-diagnostics” is a synthesis of medical and psychological aspects in personal organism structures analysis
L.F. Kaznatscheeva
Comparative diagnostic data by methods with the use of the ROFES set and generally accepted diagnostics
G.V.Thalalaeva, A.I.Kornjukhin, G.S.Tscheurin, N.N. Platonov, K.J. Mischenko
Demand for the development of up-to-date social psychological organizations as a part of Disastrous and Emergency Aid Medicine
A.I. Kornyukhin
“A family doctor” automated workplace
A I Kornyukhin, K I Kozmina
Some aspects of the tele-medicine
I. Shumov
The Use of Bioresonance Phenomenon in Diagnostics and Treatment
O. Stepanova, E. Afonina.
Information analytical report on the results of “ROFES” diagnostics by Su Jouk method (psychophysiological constituent) based on the selection of diagnostics results of Olympic reserve and Secondary school students
Y.K. Agapov, I.B. Pushkaryov, D.V. Shmakov, A.I. Kornyukhin
Clinic diagnosis of the backbone`s state by the ROFES set