Monicor MR –A unique

system for Health checks


And Natural symptom correction

MONICOR is a unique system for health checks and also allows for effective corrections based on the principle of resonance.

Resonance is the ultimate way to correct disfuntions as it restores the normal functions of the body without surpressing or activating them, which restores the body naturally.

Monicor is very versatile


Balancing meridians

having balanced meridians is vitally important for our health. MONICOR detects if there is a surplus or lack of energy in the meridians.


Correction of acupuncture points

MONICOR detects and activates all weak acupuncture points in the body. It also shows which points are normal.


Stress test

MONICOR reads the frequencies of about 170 different micro organisms, such as viruses, bacteria and parasites.


Symptom correction

with this function, MONICOR uses a specific symptom as base and
calculates which zones or acupuncture points need to be corrected.


Checking the effect

of supplements and foods, MONICOR has a unique ability to check how a certain bodily organ or system is affected by various supplements and foods.


Deactivate micro organisms

MONICOR is able to deactivate micro organisms by using frequencies. A micro organism is usually activated when the body is weakened or carries stagnations.

Monicor Opportunities

The device Monicor offers unique opportunities to monitor and correct the body’s resources and general health condition. In a few minutes, Monicor scans and then presents the functional condition of the entire body and all its organs as well as the stress level of the body.

Health checks

The human body is not only a physical being but also an energetic- and informational structure. Every organ and body part has its vibrations, which are reflected in its biochemical parameters.


The body is a unity consisting of organs, body parts, glands etc., which form a network governed by the nervous system, the hormone system and the meridian system, all which are protected by the immune system.

Treatment Analysis

Monicor is also able to read the frequencies of acupuncture points and detect which of these are weak. By choosing – and correcting – the weakest points, an optimal acupuncture treatment is provided!

”I have been using Monicor now for several months, with astonishing results, and I can only say: THANK YOU, BORIS! Wow!!!
What an amazing aid it is! …”

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